Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WEEK 13-4th

Week 13 was met with some awesome challenges! First, we had wrecked the car on the last lap last week, so the guys had to fix some cosmetic stuff and make sure nothing else was amiss. Meanwhile, I was out of town on a retreat; things had to be pretty seamless to get the car ready for the 22nd, they were.

My team this year is stellar. I really like how we are approaching all the challenges with great attitudes and an overcoming perspective. It's been a season of some heart break, no doubt, but these guys and gals are pushing forward. That first win will be a huge moment for all of us.

As I was sitting and waiting for 1st practice I told the guys, if we run 17.6's and .7's we have a great car, 17.9's and we need to work on it, 18.0's and worse and we've got issues. 1st practice revealed what we had hoped for 17.6's and .7's The car was great, setting fast time of practice.

We then followed it up with my 1st pole position. We had 2 tenths of a second on the field.

Heat Race.
Started 1st, cleared the outside car by lap 2 and went on to win.

Things were looking good for about 100 yards, then we got turned into the inside wall. It was the 1st corner of the 1st lap. The car was junk, wrecked and although I went on, it was bent.