Sunday, January 7, 2007

RC Staffer Blogs

Pastor Rory Tongg, Business Pastor. Rory first came to TRC in 1996 from Hawaii. He went away to get his bible degree from New Life College in Tennessee, but returned as Associate Youth Pastor, 2000; Youth Pastor in 2001; Media Pastor in 2004; and is now the Business Pastor. Rory is married to Kathryn and has one son, Taber and another son on the way. Both Rory and Kathryn will be added to the eldership of TRC in January of 2008.

Pastor Travis Warren, Youth Pastor. Travis came to The Rock Church as a Jr. High student when his parent's (who Pastored in Snohomish) merged Christian Life Center with The Rock Church in 1996. In addition to being a Quarry Alumni, Travis holds an Associates Degree from Everett Community College and is currently pursuing his bachelor's. He joined TRC staff in March of 2006. Travis is married to Gia and they have two pugs.

Ryan Brien, Media Director. Ryan was saved at The Rock Church as a Jr. High student in the early 90's. In addition to being a Quarry Alumni Ryan holds a degree in Video and Film Production from Full Sail in Orlando, FL. Ryan is married to Jenny and they have a St. Bernard and a Jack Russel.

Kristian Gorman
, Graphic Designer. Kristian has been a part of The Rock Church since he was born. In addition to being a Quarry Alumni, Kristian holds a degree in Video Production from The Art Institute of Seattle.

Dan and Lori Nelson, Reach Teams Pastor. Dan and Lori have been involved at TRC for almost 25 years combined. They are elders in the church, and have been a big part of the leadership of The Rock Church for years. They have 3 children, Cheyenne, Jonathon and Malaya.

Pastor Melinda Knight
, Co-Pastor. Melinda is my wife and co pastor of TRC. Melinda has a Bachelor's Degree from Central Washington University and has held about every position TRC has ever had. In addition to being a pastor, Melinda is a certified life coach with True Life Coaching.