Monday, June 15, 2009


By Jeff Knight

Being a pastor is not something I do, it's who I am. I chose the work of the ministry because I knew the Lord was choosing me to engage and impact people through the local church. I do not consider myself a professional in the sense that it is a "job," I would do it for free. I am a husband, I love my wife; I am a father, I love my daughter; and I am a pastor, I love the people in my church, most of them. BIG SMILE! That last part is funny right there.

Who is your pastor? Really, who is your pastor? If you do not have a pastor I won't throw myself out there and cheaply say, "I'll be your pastor!" Why? Because who your pastor is may determine more about where you are headed in this life and the next than you can even imagine. Everybody needs a pastor!

I can tell a lot about a person who has a pastor, here are some signs...

I know you have a pastor because there is something about you that desires more from life.
I know you have a pastor because you're generous with your energy and resources, you are the first to help our friends.
I know you have a pastor because I hear about Jesus operating in your life, you are continuously offering me a no pressure invitation.
I know you have a pastor because you talk about your church, how cool it is, what the mission is, how it has impacted you, and why you are a part.
I know you have a pastor because you know the source of your happiness, and even though you have a bad day now and then you recover.
I know you have a pastor because occasionally you surprise me with some really good wisdom for my life; although, I may not always tell you how you've impacted me.
I know you have a pastor because you talk about the message from church, I've seen your bible, you even quote it, but you don't know that I know it also.
I know you have a pastor because you keep loving me when I'm unlovely.
I know you have a pastor because you have a heart for the hurting, homeless and helpless.
I know you have a pastor because your heart of compassion is contagious and I want to help you do what you do.
I know you have a pastor because you care about your church, all churches.

I could go on and on. I think a good pastor sets the course for peoples lives! When the Word of God goes into action it unlocks the potential of God for your life. I know you have a pastor because you've been offended, and stayed; confronted, and cried; rewarded, and shrugged your shoulders thinking, "not me." I know you have a pastor because I can tell the difference between someone who does and who does not.

Those who don't have a pastor are uncertain about what will happen when they die, they have none to ask the hard questions, and none to listen to for answers.
Those who don't are often searching from relationship to relationship looking for meaning, but only finding more emptiness.
Those who have no pastor, they are not sure who they can trust, where can they share, yet, life would be so much more powerful if there were someone to impart to them.
Those who have no pastor struggle to find the amazing things in life that are so available through a relationship with God.

Pastors have a way of getting us to grow when it's not the right time, stretch when we are at the max, run when we felt like we should walk
and give more than we thought we could. A good pastor is like a good coach, they have the ability to get a little more out of us than we thought we had within. Somehow, someway, it's probably the anointing on them, they can lead us to the top of mountains.

My pastor makes me believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, in myself and in what he and I are called to do together. Sometimes I can't get my mind around it, but again, that's how I can tell I have a pastor, there is always some element of my life a little unsettled, unanswered and always longing for more of what God wants from me.

And that is why every person needs a pastor, because life is too short to live alone and believe in nothing.

So how about it, Who is your pastor? If you don't have a pastor I'll offer to take you where few dare to go in this world. To really know the Lord and live the life he has for you out loud. Let's begin this weekend, at The Rock.