Wednesday, March 11, 2009


"One church in two locations."

I think our entire church needs to understand the magnitude of this expansion. When the Lord started working on me about going multi-site, I admit, I was reluctant. Over time my hesitations were answered and comforted, and today we sit just a few days short of launching our second location. It is an exciting time for The Rock Church.

It is the right time to launch another campus.
I had asked the "timing question" of a lot of pastors, leaders, people, friends and associates. What I discovered blew my mind, there was no "right" time. Launching a 2nd campus would take resources, lots of them. Finances, people, influences, leaders and most of all relationships as I had known would have to be sown into a new city, a new territory. Then, out of no where Kingsway Christian Center dissolved and gave us their campus. It was a God moment. A nearly paid in full property was given to The Rock Church for Kingdom purposes. I knew this was the time to launch.

Our church is big enough to launch another campus.
I have studied a lot of multi-site churches throughout the nation. One of the key reasons to go multi-site is space challenges. Since we moved into our new building we have been growing consistently into our 2 services, but it's not standing room only yet. Most of my studies of other multi-site churches revealed that most were standing room only before they went multi-site. Then, talking with the Everett Herald writer she made a statement, she said, "You are the smallest church I've heard of attempting multi-site, usually churches larger than 2,500 do this." At that moment I knew God wanted to do something extraordinary with The Rock Church. I really believe as we break the barrier of a smaller church (1,200) doing multi-site hundreds of churches will follow our lead and reach countless people for Jesus. Often times, God has our church go toward new milestones to bring others with us.