Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Just some random thoughts, by Jeff Knight

1. I hate when people lose touch with The Rock Church. Most of the time I only know about the ones who check out bitter (not many) or better (they leave cause the Lord is promoting them), but I know others lose touch because they are going through a tough time and they have not the confidence to ask for help, prayer or direction.

There is not a lot I can do about physical circumstances, but I can petition God who has the capacity to do the impossible with any circumstance. Mr. Leaver, before you go, at least, let us pray for you. Let us put our hand in your hand and call on the Lord of hosts to sustain your life.

Who knows? You might find out your leaders at your church care a whole lot more than you think. You might find out you belong more than you knew. And you might find out prayer really does work, so don't check your church at the door of disappointment, but reach for the support team that is all around you.

2. I hate misconceptions. I hate it when I hear about misconceptions other Christians have about The Rock Church. Like when someone makes a judgmental statement that has no truth whatsoever. Christians can be the most judgmental of all people. The sad thing is that most of them don't even see how their words are destroying others around them.

So, Mr. and Mrs. Illinformed, before you go judging consider this. a) You may be derailing a new believer, who just found Jesus, from ever stepping foot in a local church again, because the judgment they see in you is nothing they want for themselves. b) Or, you may be passing on false information with no real substance and hindering the ability for the "Big-C" church to grow to it's full potential. c) Or, just because you don't like the way one church is doesn't mean everyone agrees with you.

Fix the misconceptions, get the facts. The facts are, there are many styles and methods of churches. Some churches prioritize the Sunday experience over the small group, or the other way around. Some are missional in their approach, others are mega. They all seem to be working and working on working better, how is that possible? Because God's Grace Grows the Church!