Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Marriage Questions that make us last, By Jeff Knight

Have we kissed today?

18+ years ago I would have done about anything on earth to kiss Melinda. Seriously, one time I drove 2.5 hours one way just to say good night in person to her. I'd write love songs, poems, purchase gifts and do little things to earn her love and affection. I would do anything to make her know my love.

Soon there were to do lists, responsibilities, a mortgage, work, kids, vision, and a host of other important matters. Suddenly and without warning there are days when we, either her or I, are so focused on what we are doing that we forget to kiss. Lying in bed exhausted one of us usually says, "Have we kissed today?" She turns to me, and I turn to her for one of those kisses that says you are the most important person in my world today and if I wasn't so tired right now this kiss would lead to a whole lot more, if you know what I mean.

There MUST be an affectionate exchange between husband and wife daily for the marriage to sustain. Embrace, kiss, look into each others eyes. Really, I try and kiss Melinda with no other advancement in mind, it's really difficult to do cause she is hawt, hawt, hawt. Sometimes I will kiss her for 10 seconds straight, and NO, it's not foreplay. It's just affection, her knowing that she is the only person I would ever touch, love, hold and be in love with.

You want to make your marriage last? Make sure you kiss everyday.