Friday, February 23, 2007

Some Reflections from C3

It's been about 3.5 hours since the end of the conference and Melinda and I await our flight in Dallas. We have been asking each other what the one thing we will take from this experience this year. Melinda has shared hers and is defining on her blog

Here is one of the main moments I will take back with me. It begins by summarizing every experience I have enjoyed through C3. Since this was my fourth C3 I knew what to expect for the most part, but I never know how it is going to come. Fellowship Church leads the most unique worship experiences I have ever encountered. Each time I am left to reflect, consider and grow in Christ.

This year I am leaving with an emphasis on the importance of staying fresh! I was really refreshed down here. My schedule has been to the max since the beginning of the year; frankly, I don't know if I have been very nice to those closest to me. One quote from the weekend was this, "If you are always available, then you are never really available." I understand that completely, when I am not fully present, then I am not present at all.

I try and be available by email, phone, cell phone, blog, and everyday! You would be surprised at the number of people in our county who ask me, "So what does a pastor during the week?" I have to laugh at that one.

I am coming home with a desire to delegate more, trust our team with the creativity, micro manage when necessary, but mostly let our leaders lead in a greater capacity! I am going to set aside some obvious weekends to rest. I am going to set a vacation aside this summer with my wife, but more importantly I am going to do the hard things at the beginning of everyday like the things that are toughest to discipline.

When I am refreshed I have good perspective which says, "I get the privilege of leading in one of the greatest churches in the country!" Thank you to all those who make TRC possible! You are the reason lives are set up for "God change!"