Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This Makes me Smile...

Have you ever received an email that just fired you up? In a good way! These are stories of life change. They are emerging all over this blog and they come via email and drop ins frequently. Real life change is happening at The Rock and it is special. If you are Connected to Life at TRC enjoy, your continuous service to our church makes stories like this possible.

Pastor Jeff,

I wanted to share a testimony with you. My husband used to sit at home on Sunday mornings and watch sports while my kids and I would go to church.

His idols were the Raider's and the Laker's. Since coming to the Rock Church, he told me that he didn't and that's why he didn't go. So he came to a service at the Rock and said that he liked Pastor Jeff's preaching, and that nobody preaches like him. He is a gifted pastor, he makes the service interesting, he's funny and full of life..."

He went to WSU to visit our daughter at college and got up at 4am just so he could be back here to attend Sunday morning service.

What a change in my husband. He is also praying with us at night, which is something that he has never done.

God Bless you.

Doesn't that make you smile? Sure, someone could say, "Pastor, that story has to do with what you do on Sunday." Awe...I'm glad you make the point because I could tell a dozen stories everyday about those who endlessly give of their time and energy to make our church possible. It certainly isn't my preaching; instead, it is the presence of God on our church community and the volunteers that make Connecting People to Life possible.

Those of you who are contributors to the BIG GOD THING known as The Rock Church, you are my heroes, friends and inspiration! We'll do it again on Sunday!