Monday, January 29, 2007

2006 TRC Vital Statistics

The 2006 Statistics are in!

  • 13 new babies born to our church!
  • 38 children dedicated to the Lord.
  • 35 individuals were H2O Baptized on Wed. nights.
  • 70 Reach Teams reached approx. 300 people.
  • Approx. 200 volunteers helping each month at TRC.
  • 369 children attended Lifesaver's Children's Ministry.
  • October experienced the largest children's attendance with 177 per week.
  • 364 6-12 graders attended TVM.
  • 241 first time students came to TVM (6-12 grader).
  • April - June TVM welcomed 92 students per week.
  • 1,106 adults are represented from our local communities at TRC.
  • 810 people contributed financially.
  • 638 people indicated their giving was a tithe.
  • 213 of those tithers gave more than the national average of $2,097.
  • Top five months of attendance per week (3 Services): April--970; December--939; November--856; January--843; October--817.
  • Average weekly attendance in 2006 was 822 per week including three services (Wednesday and Sunday (2)).
  • The top five weekends (Sunday's only): Easter--1,040; Christmas Eve--958; April 30th--752; April 23rd--690; March 12--675.
  • Out of 100 Adults: 15 are ages 19-22; 19 are 23-30; 26 are 31-40; 21 are 41-50; 12 are 51-60; and 7 are 61+.
  • Of those who attend: 2% are 61+; 5% are 51-60; 9% are 41-50; 11% are 31-40; 8% are 23-30; 6% are 19-22; 10% are 16-18; 49% are 15 and under.
  • 51 New members.
  • 264 people participated in some for of RC Steps.

Statistics are a lot of fun to look at. They are an indicator of focus. Our stats tell me we are a generational church, a growing church, a happy church, but a church that could do more to win people to Jesus. In 2006, we learned a few things. In 2007, we are going to lead more people to Jesus Christ. Already we have seen nearly 40 salvation's and re commitments this year, have a less cumbersome water baptism process and hold RC Steps opportunities more frequently for discipleship. In addition, the change to our mid-week strategy will be a powerful addition to the process of Connecting People to Life.

As a church in a town of 15,000 people, 25,000 in a 5 mile radius and 100,000 in a 10 mile radius,we are only beginning to scratch the surface of Connecting People to Life. Yet, TRC goers should recognize that nearly 1 percent (1,040) of our realistic weekly potential is attending our church sometime during the year. I think that is a good start.

In March of 2002, USA Today indicated that 75% of people are not connected to a church in Washington State--though there seems to be one on every corner. As long as Jesus, "died for the many" and God wills, "none should perish" we will continue to monitor the vital statistics of TRC.