Monday, January 29, 2007

The ONE Church!

Sometimes people ask me questions about why we do church the way we do. Inquiring minds want to know why the music is louder than most churches, why the lights are dim for worship, and why the service schedule changes. I believe those are fair questions and people who are informed are often willing to contribute positively.

Here is the bottom line to the methodology of The Rock Church. There are too many people who have not been connected to LIFE. I have been told that 3 in 4 people in Snohomish County are not seriously connected to any church community--and it has nothing to do with not being able to find one! Yet, KCMS, the local Christian station remains award winning in listener ship statistics compared to other markets nationwide. Facts are, there are hundreds of churches in our county and people are driving by them--and it is not because they don't see our signs.

I don't know about you, but for me, memories are made when I am touched beyond my expectations. It might be through what I hear, what I see, how I am treated or any one of a million unique elements. The team at TRC spends the majority of its energy building a memorable weekend with these things in mind; consequently, sound, lighting, friendliness, song selection, topic, presentation are all points of consideration.

I use to think "Spirit lead" meant unplanned and simply spontaneous. I have discovered in the last 7 years that building a Sunday experience requires us to be Spirit Lead, not just on Sunday, but everyday.

When someone asks, "WHY?" The answer is life change, some call it transformation. Whatever the case may be, for many the entry point is Sunday morning. TRC wants the attention of people who would drive by 99 churches, for the ONE they remember.

Every passionate leader, volunteer and member of The Rock Church wants to be the ONE church where they stop.