Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am super excited about a big announcement. After 16 years of trying, we obtained From now on I will be updating there, but I will keep open, and eventually link it to the other site.

We will be working on a variety of additions to the website, so check back often. Make sure to change your RSS feed to keep getting updates.



This weekend we are launching a series, At the Movies. A friend approached me and said, “I’d rather you preach Jeff, why do you do these movie messages.” My answer was simple, because they win people to Jesus and allow us to have a cultural conversation. In addition, they are easy to invite friends to!!! At the Movies is in the wheelhouse of what this church stands for, Connecting People to Life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of Jesus impacting lives through your church. Don’t do it! Allow your summer schedule and plans to rearrange so you can be a part of reaching people of no/damaged faith each weekend. Your involvement saves lives!!!

Frankly, I really don’t think church culture understands the principle of First Fruits in times like these. God will blow your mind, but HE MUST BE FIRST. First in your life, first in your money, time and summer!

Out of 7 days, which one is the first I give God? It’s obviously, day one, the first day. This is why church is on Sunday! Some people think Monday is the first day of the week because to them work is number one, they have to make money. Others think Friday is the first day of the week because they believe having a good time on the weekend is priority number one.

If we want to have God blow our mind with outpouring, blessing, provision and answer what we earnestly pray for then we MUST PUT GOD FIRST!

1 Corinthians 16:2, "On the first day of the week let each one of you lay something aside…"

The above scripture is not a suggestion, it is a command. GOD MUST BE FIRST! He must be.

It begins this weekend, the 4th of July, a great day of celebrating our nation’s independence. How about celebrating our independence in Christ by being at service and worshiping God with everything? I think it will be one of the best days of the summer. After church you can head out to friends and family for the big party or your camping destination.

The movie will be Saving Private Ryan. Check out some of the pictures from the film shoot. It will be amazing. If you know a Veteran invite them to service. If you are Active Duty then come in your uniform and be a part of this amazing 4th of July at The Rock Church.

Pressing the Mark,

Pastor Jeff

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Race 8 - 1st

June 19th, Father's Day weekend, nearly two years to the day since my last victory, and it happened. We led a lot of laps and put the car up front to take the checkers in first. I was pumped as it was a perfect day. We qualified 1st, won the heat race and the main, and closed up the points chase for the championship.

As I stood on the stage with Melinda getting some photos I said to her, "I don't know if I am excited or relieved." Being candid, it's been a long time since putting the car in the winners circle, and with the awful breaks I've had over the past two years of racing I felt like the monkey was finally off my back!

Winning legitimizes the efforts of the entire team. This win was not only great for me, but our whole team as well. The crew work so hard to give me an awesome car, and this year it seems I can drive a 5th place car to 2nd, but the winning car to 2nd also, LOL! I was so pumped to get them a win, the first for a couple of them.

Well, now we set sail for the remainder of the season. I will miss today's race as I made some very important plans back in March, the first miss in 48 or so races. The promoters changed the program a bit this year allowing us Late Model drivers to throw out our two lowest point weekends. This will be one of my throwaways.

Have a great week and we'll see ya on the 5/8's July 3rd. We are one adjustment away from putting the #70 in the winners circle on the big track!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Race 5 - 2nd; Race 6-2nd; Race 7-4th

Race 5
Race 5 was two weeks ago. We qualified 4th, had an awesome battle with Naima Lang and ended up 2nd on the night. We went green to checkers with no cautions, and I would have needed a late caution to give Naima a run for it.

Race 6
This race was the first of two on the night. After qualifying 2nd we started the first race 3rd row inside. The race was green and we were pretty good. I had an loose condition that worsened as the night went on. We battled pretty good, and ended up 2nd.

Race 7
Race 7 was the second race in the double header. We started inside row 2. Ran in 3rd most of the race. We were single file for most of the race. A late caution came out with about 4 laps to go. I started inside, directly behind the leader, the 2. After a caution and on the restart the 2 got huge loose and made contact with the 12. I was in the perfect seat to see the whole incident. Because they were banging I had a massive run, and as they were crashing going into turn 3 I put it to the bottom. The 12 was in the dirt with the 2 slamming into him, so I figured there was plenty of room. I didn't even see their race cars out the windshield as I was entering turn 3.

Next thing I know the 2 is turning off my nose. I hit him, and rolled out to the high side of the track. I was sent to the back of the field and told I caused wreck, which I didn't understand, and hardly agreed with. The officials told me after the race, "The 2 caused the crash, but you were involved." I ended up 4th.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Champions Network

I got away with Melinda for a couple days this week. We flew out on Sunday PM heading for Houston to meet at Lakewood Church and Joel and Victoria Osteen; about the Champions Network.

To our surprise some of our favorite people were on our plane, Judah and Chelsea Smith. As you know Judah's parents, Wendell and Gini, have been our pastors since mom and dad went home with the Lord. We love the Smith's huge, and it was cool to catch up on the plane. Seriously, if you live anywhere around the Eastside or downtown and don't drive out to The Rock Church go to The City Church. These guys are the real deal, and hitting home runs for Jesus.

Landing in Houston well after midnight we checked into our hotel right next to Lakewood Church, got some rest and prepared for the morning.

Walking downstairs we ran into so many people we knew from all over the country. Friends like, Kevin and Beth Green from The Living Room and Eli and Teresa Moreno from Changing Pointe, greeted us as we waited in line at Starbucks. Well, Melinda waited in line, ya all know I only like coffee as long as it's not in my mouth!

The gathering would begin after meeting dozens of movers and shakers from around the nation. I'd say there were about 85-100 leaders representing about 300,000 folks! That's pretty awesome.

Joel Osteen is the real deal. He told us how humbled he was to receive the church at the time of his father's death. He was talking about what God had done, and he was talking through the emotion of it all. It is always great to see Christian leaders who are completely vulnerable in front, Joel was that way on this trip. As he was sharing I was reflecting about the loss of my dad. My story resonates with Joel a lot because I never asked to be a lead pastor. I was completely content doing what I was doing, but the graduation of my father and mother meant it was time to step up.

We heard stories of how God is using Joel and Victoria to build the local church, not just their church, but churches like The Rock. With 20 million people watching their program every month they have a lot to say about building the church. Research has taught them that nearly 50%, or half, of those watching, 10,000,000, are un-churched or de-churched. Meaning, they are not connected anywhere. Champions Network exists to help those 10 MIL people find the churches represented in the room I was sitting in. I was completely stoked at the possibilities.

Imagine what could be possible if 500 people were added to The Rock Church this year? It would be epic! Well, that's what we are doing. By partnering with Joel and Victoria we will be offering The Rock as a local church opportunity for all those people connected with Joel's books, television show and teaching. I am pumped about this.

At the end of the day I was talking with Victoria about a phone call I made the summer after my parents died. Back then, I knew of Joel taking over for his dad, so I called Lakewood Church and left a message for Joel, telling of my story. You know what? He called me back in the summer of 2000. We talked for a brief moment about our dad's, church and filling big shoes. It wasn't a long conversation, but I've never forgotten it. Victoria remembered Joel telling her about that phone call 10 years ago this summer.

She led me to the front to speak with Joel about it. Guess what? He remember it also. A guy who speaks to 20 million people per month on TV nationally, and most likely billions world-wide. He pastors Lakewood Church which is so big it meets where the Houston Rockets used to play. Not only that, but he's written best selling books and keeps a schedule rivaling a President. And after all that he remembered talking with a 29-year old pastor who'd just lost his parents. That's the real deal friends. I am honored to be included in the Champions Network.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Race 4 - 3rd

It was our first race on the big 5/8's mile track. This track is awesome. It's fast, it takes courage and for the record my crew chief, Steve, has always delivered a bullet at this place. I really feel like I can win on the 5/8's. Saturday night proved I only need to make small changes to my driving style to keep the car under me the whole race. We were close, real close.

Awesome car. I have to admit, I love the new "two tire rule" at Evergreen Speedway. It saves us money on race tires, but not only that it saves us from having to buy practice tires too often.

However, like most people I'd rather role a new set of 4 skins on the car for the 5/8's. For those who've only had the opportunity in life to spectate, racing tires are a HUGE deal. When you get a chance to drive one of these things ask for fresh tires. We put on fresh doughnuts for practice and it was hooked up! I could hold it to the floor board the whole exit off the corner, "Yeah buddy, that's what I'm talking about!!"

The 2008 and 2009 champ, Naima Lang, came out to race the big track. He is super fast on this track, so I was aiming to beat him in qualifying. I know without a doubt it was the best qualifying effort I have ever had on the big track. I was pumped. Naima went out and got me by like .035 seconds. I qualified 2nd.

Main Event.
I started outside row 3 in the 6th position. The car was awesome. We made a few passes early and settled in behind the 12 and 11. I found some grip off of turn four and the 11 seemed to be getting tight in the center. We got him and set sail for the leader. I pulled up on Tom after a few laps. He's a cagey veteran so he may have been saving his car a bit, but when I got to him we were racing. I challenged him for quite a few laps.

After some time my car started changing. It was getting a tick tight in the center. Naima caught me and we had an awesome battle. With the 12 right ahead of us Naima and I went door to door for several laps. It's awesome to race against super fast guys who drive clean because you know they won't wreck or mirror drive you. They test every ounce of your cars setup and talent. Naima and I were having a fun battle that would have lasted at least another dozen laps if the 16 hadn't pulled in front of me when he was getting lapped. Naima set the pick, I had to check up and fall in line behind the 00.

As Naima caught Tom they began to battle. My car had struggled a bit in the center, but I changed my line up a little and found some bite. With the 12 and 00 going at it I started to catch them both. Coming to the white flag, one lap to go, I got a huge run off of turn four and knew I had a head of steam going down the front stretch. Without hesitating I threw it to the outside and rolled up to Naima's door, racing for second. We went side by side down the back stretch, but my car wouldn't hold for turn 3. I finished third.

I was a great night as all three of us were close at the finish. For me, going 75 laps green-to-checkers, without a single caution and be nose to tail at the finish with two of the best drivers at Evergreen, and arguably in the Northwest, I was pumped. It was a great night.

I spent some time debriefing my line. I learned a little "somethin-somethin" that we will try next week. I can hardly wait.

Remember, go eat some pie and lunch at Snohomish Pie company. You eat pie, I get new tires! Thank you.