Monday, June 22, 2009


  • There were about 250+ people at Schools out for summer last weekend.
  • Father's Day Car and Bike Show was off the hook. Pastors often comment about how Father's Day is a least attended day of the year, but for the last six years Father's Day is one of the best weekends of the year for TRC.
  • Become a fan of Quench on the Quench facebook page. One day in and there are 71 fans...
  • Jeff B, who goes to The Rock is a huge race fan. He'd been telling me about how it's a bit tight this year financially, so he hadn't seen a race. This Saturday I show up at the track and he is there, but not as a fan. He is dressed in a yellow fire suit volunteering to help the sweep crew, who clean up the racing surface. I was so impressed by his passion. Very cool.
  • There were so many responses to the message yesterday at church. I can't wait to hear about how many responded to give their lives to Christ.
  • If you are old enough you will remember this song. It captures the message from yesterday. Check it out.

  • I had a very special person to me, who was coming out of a hard time, at church yesterday. God can do anything, including pull people out and rescue them from the wages of sin.
  • Pray for Little Miss Seven Addison. She has an ear infection. She was pretty mad about it on Father's Day cause she wanted to go and race go karts with dad.
  • I am thrilled about the momentum at The Rock Church, Lake Stevens and Monroe!