Friday, March 13, 2009


"One Church two sizes."

Each campus will be similar in every way, but size.
Sheer physical space will limit the size of each campus. Monroe is 48,000 SF; Lake Stevens is 10,000 SF. In my opinion this will be a huge asset in our community. Many Northwesterners like small churches, and others like large. For us to be able to offer two sizes of venues, services and worship experiences is super exciting for me. I think we will grow a large church and a small church at the same time! VERY COOL.

This WEEKEND; Every thing Changes.
We've been a church with one location for years. As a church with two locations we are going to make a new impact on our county, one I know will be lasting. I can't wait to hear the stories of life change coming from the front lines of new campuses.

Matt LaCoss has spearheaded the task force behind the Lake Stevens Campus Launch. You've done a remarkable job Matt. Thank you for your passion to win people to Jesus!

Ron and Kathy Warren have been with us for 13 years since dissolving the church they pastored and joining with my parents. I am so excited for you both to take opportunity and build a campus for our church.

To the others on the Ministry Leader Team, Todd and Staci, Generations; Gabe, Reach Teams; Joleen, Worship Experience; and Travis and Adena, First Impressions team; I hope you are all ready for an extraordinary journey. The fruit will be some of the hardest you've ever worked for, and the greatest you've ever tasted. Funny how that goes together.

To those who've volunteered and given. The Rock Church would be nothing but a proforma in a file folder if not for you! Thank you for giving your heart and soul to what God has called you to do! Each of you bless so many that you never see. I often get a glimpse of what your tireless efforts produce in the hearts of people and it is priceless!

TRC Staffers, you are the best in the region. Really, your tireless efforts, unwillingness to work only 40 hours a week, and the sacrifices you've made to each other during this season are unequalled. You deserve every award you've been given over the years. Rumor has it we WON a huge award this year. More to come on that!