Monday, June 11, 2007


Yes, I totally checked out after church on Sunday and spent some time with my wife and some friends at dinner. It was great!

So back at the blog tonight to reflect on the weekend, here goes:

* As a church we are definitely in what I call the "Summer Swing." It is that place where people take vacations and the weather takes some as church attendance levels off. We made a decision a long time ago to keep track of our strong seasons; consequently, it identifies our not so strong seasons. The cool thing is we are up 20% weekly in attendance in comparison to last year's summer swing!

* Last weekend a single guy gave His life to Christ for the very first-time, this weekend right after the service ended he proposed to his girlfriend! That's a pretty cool ride! I talked with her dad and he was excited.

* This weeks worship set was incredible. The combination of electric sound and acoustic sound was a real treat for me. I am proud of the diversity coming off the stage at TRC.

* The race rained out on Saturday. I wasn't really that disappointed. For me, it was a week from the dragons lair. I needed the day to not think about one single thing except Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream!

* I really appreciate our team at TRC. Each person plays a unique role in fulfilling the vision. This week pastor George was doing a hospital visit with a man who is dying of cancer...George lead the man to Jesus! This week pastor Rory met with Bank of America, we have a big investment coming in May 2008 and I was stoked to hear that BofA is going to finance the whole project. This has been Rory's mission for the last 16 months and he knocked it out of the park! We had our all-team meeting on Tuesday night and for 40 minutes people shared amazing stories of life change happening at TRC! TRC has the DREAM TEAM...

* Nahshon and Rachel are headed on a road trip to LA with their kids Terryn and Sydney! I instructed Sydney to ask her dad, "Are we there yet?" every chance she got.

* There are times in our lives when we have to take inventory...clean the shelves...move some slow product...spring clean...have a blow out sale to get the passion revving up again. So go ahead, evaluate, critique, guesstimate and lay awake at night excited about tomorrow. That is what last night was like for me. I laid awake until 3 am just thinking of the impossible! After a while, with God, the impossible became possible. Not until the clutter, distractions, wasted energy and the like are gone can we really DREAM. My DREAM last night, well, I can't share it just yet, but let's just say I laid awake anticipating the momentum it will create!!!