Thursday, May 10, 2007


This Sunday is going to be one of the most unique services we have had at The Rock Church. We have been praying and planning Mother's Day for several weeks. Here is some back story.

When my mom and dad passed away in 2000 I struggled with Mother's Day. It is the toughest day of the year for me, worse than the Holiday Season, worse than birthdays and anniversary's. When mom's day comes I long for my mom. She was an amazing woman. As a result I wanted to ignite something special on Mom's Day, so the team started planning to do something unique on Mother's Day. It began a few years ago when we began to give away unique things to every mother attending. Then it grew, we flew in a daughter in our church's mom from Boston to be with her to pick out her wedding dress a few years ago. We've had kids write about their mom's and gave out special gifts like spa treatments and other items to deserving mothers.

This year we asked mom's to write a wish they would like to see come to pass. Some of the requests were giant and too big for us to handle, though I think Oprah could do it. Others were practical and some were fun. This Sunday during both services we are going to show all mom's some big love at The Rock by giving some mom's their wish. You will not want to miss this service. There are some huge gifts: 2ND service includes the giving away of a car!

To all the Mom's, You are the best. Think it not strange that when your kids are shown on TV they most often say, "HI Mom!" You've earned it!