Monday, March 26, 2007


Big news out of our race team camp this weekend.

It is official, Roger Habich will contend for the Evergreen Speedway and Washington State NASCAR Championship. After some unique circumstances I made a decision to forgo my debut in the #70. We numbered the brand new car #76 and will be racing 21 races between this Saturday, March 31st and September 14th.

Roger will compete for the championship against defending two-time track champion Shane Harding out of British Columbia, prior champion John Zaretzke and all the rest of the Evergreen field starting this week. Check our for some press releases this week.

Furthermore, we are looking for sponsors to accompany Roger to the winner's circle this year. If you are interested send me an email. Already we have one new sponsor this year and some returning from previous years. More announcements will be made on these as the deals are secured.

We are very excited about this development. When asked by several at the track today, "So Jeff, how do you think Roger will do this season?" My answer was, "We are not coming out here for 21 Saturday nights to get second." Certainly we race for the fun of it, but this year our team is poised, our equipment is top notch and the locals better be prepared to compete against Roger who ended last year with 5 top five's, 2 top three's and a win!

Shacking the car down today (getting the kinks out), we were getting quick right as it started to rain. We only turned about 10 laps and Roger came on the radio and said, "Boys, this car is going to be fast!" Next practice Friday night, racing Saturday. Make your plans now to be at Evergreen this weekend.