Thursday, March 8, 2007

ONE Week


If you are in the Seattle area next Thursday and Friday night make plans to be at The Rock Church at 6:30 pm.

We are hosting our first conference in years to kick off our REGIONAL REACH TEAM STRATEGY!

Here are some CAQ's:
Q: Do I have to lead a Reach Team if I attend the conference?
A: NO, but you will recieve a Word from the Lord that may cause you to want to lead a Reach Team, but no pressure.

Q: What about my kids, will there be childcare?
A: YES, childcare will be happening through our great Children's Leaders.

Q: What can I expect at Mitosis?
A: Swag (cool free stuff), comedian (thurs.), worship, messages by John Bevere, lunch on Fri. (if you want), dinner Fri. night (if you want), foam sword fighting, great people and fun!

Q: Do I have to register?
A: YES, click here.

Q: Can I come if I don't register?
A: We will not turn anyone away, but you may not get all the free stuff:)

Q: What is a Mitosis?
A: Mitosis is the growth of all the living. It is one cell becoming two, two becoming four, four becoming eight and so on! You and I are Mitosis, the church is Mitosis and every thing living!

Q: How many people are you expecting?
A: We are expecting those registered and about 20% more. I will let you know how many have registered later on, but we are within 20% of our goal with one week to go!