Thursday, March 22, 2007

Connection Point~MEMBER BENEFITS

Connection Point is Step 5 in our 10 step strategy at The Rock. Those desiring membership at TRC complete steps 1-4, a two-hour class, fill out a quick info sheet and then have an interview with one of our leaders.

Afterward there are a variety of benefits associated:

Support Ministry: We support people. As members individual needs are met on a regular basis and our leadership team is 100% accessible to our members.

Counsel: TRC has access to some great places for professional counseling.

Monthly Teaching: A teaching on CD especially for member of TRC. It is a great way to communicate ongoing vision and mission.

Discounts: Members receive discounts to RC school of the Bible, the bookstore and other areas of ministry.

Advance Notice: Members are the first to know about vision and events.

Reach Team Leadership: All of our Reach Team leaders are members.

Help: Emergencies happen and we have multiple teams to help in a member's crisis.

Disaster Preparedness: As a Red Cross shelter for our county our members are trained to have their cars, homes and lives prepared for a disaster in order to be a help to others.

Tithe: Occasionally a non-member will participate in giving, but membership causes a person to make the commitment to giving. God then unleashes the blessing.

Resource Connection: TRC has a lot of relationships around the nation and the world to participate in different ministry.

Meetings with Pastor: I make myself available to members to help with vision and calling.

Volunteering: Though there are some roles for non-members the majority of our volunteer positions require membership.

These are the written benefits of Membership at The Rock Church where our leaders are devoted to prayer and the ministry of the word, called to equip the saints for the works of the ministry, enlisted to shepherd, exhorted to care, and demanded to exhort, convince and rebuke.

There is a lot to leading a church; churches are only as powerful as their members!