Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Touching Tomorrow Together-T3

T3 is a big part of our vision at The Rock Church. Click here for a link to the brochure!

Touching Tomorrow Together has been responsible for a lot of amazing vision in the last two years. GRID 2911 was built by those who are giving to T3. Many upgrades to Lifesaver's were the result of T3. More importantly than facilities is the accomplishment of vision. Here is an excerpt of what T3 purposed to accomplish, decide for yourself if you see these elements happening at The Rock Church:

"We want to see children grow spiritually, broken marriages restored, healthy young adults marry and hurting people comforted. We want to see the weak lifted, the strong encouraged, the abused helped, the healthy flourish, the grieving comforted and the joyful laughing. We want to see the addict recover, the immigrant embraced and the native not forgotten. We want to see the hungry fed, the oppressed treated with respect, the depressed free, the lonely find friends and the friendly find longevity."

We are seeing all of the above on a weekly basis. T3 is about ministry. It is not about paying off buildings, but rather ministry in each of the buildings. Certainly vision requires provision and T3 is the rally cry.

We have 15 months remaining and here are some of the things we are looking at for ministry: we are looking at 40 acres to purchase to build a Lifesaver's Children's Camp as a part of the Western Vision, we are launching out toward the Southern Vision with the development of Regional Reach Teams and the vision casting of Hispanic services. T3 is more than money and giving; it is about Connecting People to LIFE!

It has been an amazing year so far. Even last week T3 played a huge part in helping families burned out of their homes...In fact, 6 of those who were staying at the church received Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior for the first time. That would not happen without the vision of Touching Tomorrow Together. Perhaps it is not as exciting to think about raising money to by lands and buildings. Yet, think about all the ministry that happens because of the lands and buildings.

Tonight we are going public. At 7 pm during our Wednesday night service I will be sitting down and talking straight about the 5 greatest commitments we are making to the future of our church. These commitments are the most important aspects of our vision as we push forward to becoming who God has made our church to be.

See ya tonight!