Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wally's Service

How can a common man have such an uncommon impact on so many lives? The secret is in the legacy.

Legacy is not defined by what we do for a living. It is not the hours we work or the money we make. It is not determined by neighborhood, model of car or name brand clothing. Legacy is determined by what we did everyday of our life.

Wally lived 27,900 days! However, his legacy was not determined by what he did as much as who he was.

May we wake up everyday loving God, our wife, our kids, our community and our nation. Take it from a man who lived a full-life shacking hands with friends, listening to strangers, hunting with his kids, reading to his grand kids. The things that matter most don't come about accidentally, they happen intentionally.

Thanks for the inspiration today Wally. We will never be the same for knowing how you lived and loved.

And to the Pearson family, we will do more than pray. We will be there to laugh, cry and love.

Pastor Jeff