Thursday, January 11, 2007


Nearly 18 months ago I picked up a book in the airport by Hugh Hewitt entitled Blog. I wanted to read about how the recent epidemic would impact my life. What I discovered was the good, the bad and the ugly of the blogosphere. Instead of launching out and starting a blog, I paid attention to those who had gone before me. Call me scared or an early adopter, I needed some time to take inventory.

Many thanks to my buddy Ken Holsinger from Capital Christian in Boise, Idaho. He turned me to a great service at and I met a boat load of great bloggers. People like Mark Batterson, Tony Morgan, Perry Noble and others helped me see the value. There are others also who I placed as links on this page. I hope I haven't left anybody out who has impacted my life with this powerful tool.

So here goes, I will share my stories, my thoughts, my discoveries, my life and my reflections about God, marriage, leading in the local church and motor sports. Hopefully I can keep it interesting and helpful to those interested in adding a little KNIGHTROUS to their life!