Wednesday, January 31, 2007


We started a brand new service on the fifth Wednesday of the month called JAM. it is a service targeted at the entire family, but built by kids! There were kids leading worship, praying and the parents were stoked!!!

There are four this year. Tonight was Bibleman and the kids went nutty!!! We had a 20 foot blow up slide in the foyer...Bibleman signed stuff for hours! I will post some action shots of the stage when I get with the photo team...It was cool.

There were dozens of hands that went up and prayed during the altar call. One thing I saw was two families that came to the front as first time salvation's! From where I stood there was prayer going on over them and the dad and mom were seriously touched!!!

One thought our creative guy, Mike Bull, had is that we need to video project what is going on inside the building on the outside of the building for those who are driving by!!! That is a cool idea!!! Had we done that tonight, there would have been a ton who stopped!!!

I recomend Bibleman, your kids will eat it up!!!