Thursday, February 12, 2009


Question 4, Romans 10:14-15.

4. And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent?

Training. Every church should be equipping people to tell other's about Jesus. Every church should be training people to serve and create stories where Jesus is the center of the point, and the meaning of life. You can't be sent unless you're trained. At The Rock Church we need to train a lot more people. Train them to go and tell the world.

Not a Novice. Those who feel amateur or novice are not going to have the confidence to tell anyone. What is our church doing to build people's confidence to go and tell the world about Jesus? It is absolutely necessary for us to give all Christians the confidence to go and tell.

Evangelize. Not the kind of evangelize you grew up dreading. I am talking about the "do the work of an evangelist" meaning. Donate your money. Give your time. Share your story. Check your motives. Make it about others, not about yourself.

Support. Get in a position to support your church. Support the vision with your heart, your words. Support your leaders with your attitude, submission and focus. Support what your church is about. Support the methods. Support the motives. Support it! For goodness sakes, there are watchdogs everywhere, support. You think the children's workers get accolades and "good jobs" all the time? They don't, support them. You think your pastor gets gifts and love each week? They don't, you do it. You think there is enough support in the church's ministries? There is not, it's up to you.