Sunday, May 20, 2007


This weekend had some high points...

* So many people in The Rock Church are committed to prayer. I really want to give a shout out to all those who are committed to prayer on Saturday nights and Tues, Wed, Thurs and Friday mornings. In addition pre-service prayer has been a real strengthener to the vision each and every week. As a church we can count on one thing; we will never pray less than we are today.

* Church was a blast today. I really thought worship set off the majesty of God in a big way. I think worship lyrics are so important. Sometimes lyrics can get a little self motivated focusing only on struggles, reflections or even emotions, but songs that are lyrically written to magnify, define, exalt and praise God make for the most powerful worship sets. Today was like that, thanks team.

* What was up with first service attendance today? Wow, there was hardly anyone there when it started, but it filled up during worship. Perhaps the rain this morning threw some people off in their clock. Second service on the other hand was jammed! Moral of the story? Get to church on-time or miss some big moments.

* For service today I did this video reflection on "what the church did for me and what I have done for the church." When I recorded it I was really nervous about how it might be received. I mean a 20 minute video testimony is a lot of tape, but when it aired today people were really impacted. I think we have to not forget from where we came. At first the church does for us; then we do for the church; then we and the church, together, do things for others.

* Saturday night at the races I finished 11th, but I should have done better. I qualified 5th, started 5th, was 3rd on the lap 1 and 2, but then got wrecked by another car--rear ended at 70-80 mph! I flew of the track and was out in the grass. The car died, took a moment to start, and I went down a lap. Once the tires cleaned off it was pretty good again and I was able to run consistent laps. There were three wrecks right in front of me that I avoided. All in all I am pretty blessed that the car came home in good shape.

* I am really looking forward to this week. The church has had a spectacular spring and with summer right around the corner this is going to be a great year!

* I am looking forward to getting more familiar with the new United CD. This is a studio recording, which is different from the last few, but my first run through is par for the course with United. I like some of the songs right away, others need to grow on me, but usually after the first week listening I like them all. I wish I could listen to some jams as I drove the race car. I don't think the officials would like that, in the words of Cole Trickle's crew chief, "You have enough trouble getting around the race track as it is."

* Before I sign off I would ask for prayer. We have some of our most faithful leaders battling some serious junk right now. They need lots of prayer. Please include our eldership, staff, support teams and volunteers in your prayer; in fact, pray for them right now.

Have a week of great grace. Let your business, parenting and relationships be filled with the great GRACE that can only come from God. And to all those pastors out there: Be encouraged, there is so much to do for the Lord!