Friday, May 4, 2007


Last night The Rock hosted our city's National Day of Prayer. I wanted to put the Bloglight on the team from The Rock who made this event such a hit. Laurel Turner, Dan Snider and Rachel Pearson took the lead of a great Reach Team of people. They prepared desserts galore, decorated the entire place and took special care of those guests from our city who attended. This team did a SUPER job and I couldn't be more thrilled by how the evening went.

Those in attendance included the mayor of Monroe, two Washington State Representatives, a local judge, police and fire chiefs, city council members, chamber of commerce members and pastors from a dozen churches. All of the feedback was super and we were thrilled to be able to host such a fine evening. Special thank you to those pastors who lead in prayer and Nate Hettinga for sharing the word.

Again, great job team and consider it a privilege to have hosted an event that treated people special.