Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am stirred, content, frustrated, pleased, bothered, focused, perturbed, happy, resolved, did I mention stirred? Paul reminded Timothy to "stir up the gift!" I am stirring and it is creating a whole lot of good! Go ahead, "get stirred!"

I am stirred to plant satellite churches in the next 24 months. I am stirred to open GRID2911's and coffee houses in each of our five regions--which will be first? I am stirred to recruit new leaders to our support team this summer. I am stirred to re-invent our most successful outreaches like BIG PARADE DAY. I am stirred up to grow TRC this summer like no other summer.

Why am I so stirred? When I consider all that God has done this year-170+ salvation's, 120 water baptisms and countless other ministry moments-and what is happening in other churches in different parts of the country I cannot help but get stirred!