Sunday, April 1, 2007


Today was a good day!

  • Church was full both AM services. I will get the stats on Tuesday, but it looked healthy.
  • I felt completely connected in both services; I thought first service was awesome this week!
  • Worship Songs: For Who You Are, Hillsong; Grace Like Rain, Todd Agnew; No One Like You; Hillsong; The Stand; United.
  • Worship Elements: Powerful collection of images of Passion of the Christ to The Stand.
  • Message: Exodus 18 and Numbers 11: God's plan for leadership. The Concrete Metaphor: Strong concrete is made up of a variety of aggregate surrounded by Portland cement; when complete it is integral for structure. Likewise, leaders of 1,000, 100, 50, 10's connected by Jesus Christ is the most integral leadership structure in the world: the local church. We are called to be The Disciples; His Disciples and finally if Jesus were to refer to us directly may he say, " are MY disciples."
  • Today 5 people re-dedicated their lives to Jesus; 2 people repented of their sin and received Jesus for the very first time. While both are vital to our mission, I like to make the distinction in order to make certain people are confessing their faith and decision for Christ before others. Soft salvation calls, in my opinion, lead to soft believers; courageous salvation calls, in my opinion, lead to courageous Christians. Something special about someone standing on their feet to proclaim their faith in Jesus. Inspires the church and gives us a chance to love on them in a great way.
  • Last Week: Lara Blanchard, Millenia Ministries, stopped by. She runs a ministry for women who need help getting away from a difficult life situation. She provides a home--The Rachel House--for them to live in at low cost. In addition, there are life skills applications, Bible studies and a "go to church on Sunday" requirement for all the women. Today we had some women visiting TRC with their kids. I am so proud of people who get out of abusive situations and let God begin restoring them. Way to go Lara for providing a place.
  • This week: New set will be ready for Easter Services. The creative team has been working on the set design for a few months and the tear down of last years set was in full swing after service today.
  • Amping up for Easter: 9; 10:30; and NOON! Invest and Invite someone!
  • The Discovery Series Planet Earth is out of this world! Check it out, the photography is unbelievable. The time lapses are breath taking. It is an amazing world we live in!
Easter week. Looking forward to an awesome week!