Thursday, April 5, 2007


Day three of the set change is coming to an end and things are looking quite good! I can't wait for Saturday night and Sunday. Today we were putting the finishing touches on the message, the dance team was rehearsing, the worship band is gearing up.
This weekend is going to be a smash!
One question we are considering is that in the near future our Church will be as large on every Sunday as it is this Easter. Given that fact, we are asking ourselves, "What do we need to recognize about this Sunday to help facilitate that many people every week?
Think about it, size matters when it comes to children's classrooms, ushers, parking stalls, toilet paper, seats, greeters, bulletins, touch cards, information dissemination and so on.
I heard a quote a long time ago, "Do those things, when you are small, that you would be forced to do when you are big, and you will be big." With 660,000 people in Snohomish County and only 1 in 4 going to church weekly, we have to prepare environments where they can experience God, and helpful Christian Community. It begins by gaining the wisdom and knowledge from God necessary to make the difference. Until we believe we can, we will not. When we believe, we will!