Friday, April 6, 2007


All week we have been gearing up for this Sunday. Last year 3 of the five largest attended services were the next three Sunday's! Seriously, in addition to Christmas and Father's Day, 3 of April's services are the biggest: Easter and the two weeks that follow!

All week we have been fielding calls about service times, directions and location! While it is fantastic to reach out to so many, I am staying alert.

This is the Superbowl, World Series and NBA Finals all packed into this month! I remember a time when I viewed Easter as just another weekend, but these past 5 years, I have recognized. "More people make decisions for Jesus Christ in the month of April than any other month at The Rock Church!"

This is not a month to stay silent; instead, this is the month to shout, proclaim, magnify, amplify and speak up! This is the month to make the gospel practical, understandable, helpful. This is the month to INVITE, INVITE, INVITE. I am inviting people, I know others who are inviting people. What about you? Do not fall asleep, stay alert and INVITE.

And then I thought..."We do that every month!" But this month we INVITE, INVITE, INVITE like no other month. Go for it! Take the risk and have the conversation, the cup of coffee, take the neighbor some cookies or a family member the paper. Whatever you do, find a way to mix in the invitation. Who knows? They might walk through the doors of your church!