Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Peyton Manning is the footballs best QB right now. He is wearing the ring, has the Lombardi and the MVP! Peyton is the master of the audible. He calls a play, steps up to the line and looks at the defense, calls another play, which happens to be a small variation and takes the offense to the end zone. Check this, Peyton has a playbook with plays and audibles, nothing at the line of scrimmage is just thought up; instead, it is meticulously planned.

Likewise, God equips us with his playbook: THE BIBLE. Inside it are countless ways He wants us to live our lives in order to get other people through the end zone of salvation! God outwits, outsmarts, and out plays every other option. In other words, there is no GOD like our GOD! He doesn't take chances; we are certain His plays will work!

So this week, after months of planning for Easter service, God called an audible for us at THE ROCK CHURCH! We were headed in a particular direction with the message just as we felt the Lord planned us to go, but this week He directed us another way. We absolutely believe the direction we are headed with the message this weekend is 100% inspired by the Holy Spirit! God called an audible!

Get every person you can, there will be many people who come/back to Jesus Christ this weekend!

Exciting Stat released today:
As of March 31st this year we have had 161 people who have either rededicated their life to Jesus Christ or accepted Him for the very first time. Weekly we are seeing first time salvation's and next week, the 15th we are having a special service for those desiring to be water baptized as well as receiving communion together.