Saturday, March 24, 2007

SUNDAY 03.25.07

Easter is around the corner. Last year was our biggest service in the history of TRC with 1,140 people attending two services. Well, this year we are expanding our tents stakes, driving them a little deeper. Yet, to be successful over 3 services we need our church ready to invest in people who do not know Jesus Christ.

Are you willing to invite at least one friend? Are you willing to believe in your church enough to extend an invitation to someone you are connected with and ask them the ultimate question, “So what is stopping you from coming to church with me?”

We are a Regional Church, so it is not about location, it is about investing and inviting people we are connected with. How many different ways are there to invest and invite people? How can we help people find Jesus? What is stopping them? Let’s be the answer to someone’s prayer this Easter and this year.