Friday, March 9, 2007

BIG Props to The Rock Church!

It was just announced to us that we received the Monroe Chamber of Commerce Community Caring Award! This is our 2nd time winning this award and our 4th award from the Chamber in as many years!

WOW! I remember a time when The Rock Church was perceived very differently, but to receive awards from other companies in the community is humbling to say the least.

I often ask myself, "If our church were gone tomorrow, would anybody care?" Or, "Would anybody notice?" I think if the answer is not "yes" and "yes" to those questions than it's probably time to close the doors. I know, sounds strong, but in our world there are far too many opportunities to make a difference.

This award is not something I have earned for certain; in fact, none of our staff can take credit for this one. This award belongs to the people of The Rock Church, who relentlessly give generously from their lives to be a part of Connecting People to LIFE! From Melinda and myself and the entire staff, " Thank You for believing the dream that is TRC, you're our motivation, and He is our inspiration!" May God receive the glory for The Rock Church in every way!