Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Questions are in for #3!

  1. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would?
  2. Can I dress modestly and still be in style?
  3. Is it OK for Christians to have cosmetic surgery?
  4. Is hell a real place and did Jesus go there?
  5. Are the gifts of the Spirit for today?
  6. All tongues have to be interpreted, right?
  7. I have been prayed over but nothing happened, am I unworthy?

Check this, this message is the third part of a three part series. It will be available in the coming months for purchase via DVD.

Behind Random Questions:

Five years ago I traveled to Oklahoma City, OK and visited Life Church. While being given a behind the scenes tour I saw a giant Q and A in the set design shop. I asked about it and was told about the format of a series where pastor Craig answered tough questions. Thanks Craig, your standard and delivery is inspiring and hopefully I did well by you. Also thanks for the illustration on "marriage should be honored by all." I think it is the best one I ever heard.

Thanks to Carlos Torres, my friend from Texas who flew all the way here to answer my question on immigration and setting our church up to reach Hispanics. He has a great church; one we can be proud of!

Thanks to the video crew at The Rock Church. Ryan Brien, Kristian Gorman, Josh Danskin and Mike Bull. You guys shot that alcohol video in 20 degree weather and didn't make us suffer too bad.

Thanks to my mates Rory Tongg, Todd Scheffer, Travis Warren and Dan Snider. May you never see me crack another beer again!

Thanks to Monroe PD and Officer Moody for being in the video.

Thanks to the Monroe restaurant/bar with a giant red bird for opening the doors to a crazy idea! I made an oath not to use the name of the establishment or show the logo...

Thanks to my fashion expert, Melinda Knight. You are a woman of great style.

Thanks to my bloggers in the blogosphere who weighed in on some of the issues.

Thanks to all of you who asked the hardest questions. You inspired me to go deeper into the Word of God than ever on some issues.

Finally, to all of you who I didn't answer your questions I have already set the dates for next year: Random Questions Part 2. And for what it is worth, I catalogued all of them and will answer some of them on the blog, so check back often!